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    Can any body help? I want to hide my email address frm the spammers, using cgi i want it on another page so that when the spammers check my site they cannot find an @ sign, yet people can email me without problems. Any ideas. I hope this makes sense

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    You need to find, and install, a PHP or Perl script to send emails.
    Your email address would be hard-coded into the script.

    Another method often used:
    Create a .gif image of your email address (not text)
    Display the image on your webpage.

    Spamming robots would not be able to see your email
    address (since it's an image not text). The only way a
    person could harvest the email address would be to
    actually look at the webpage and see the graphic image.



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      I use javascript thus :
      <script language=javascript>
      var name = "webmaster";
      var domain = "freds-site.com";
      document.write("<a href=" + "mail" + "to:" + name + "@" + domain + ">" + name + "@" + domain + "</a>")
      <NOSCRIPT>(My e-mail address should be here, but I use javascript to prevent it being collected for spam. If you need to contact me, but are seeing this message instead of my e-mail address, then switch javascript back on (in your browser) and refresh this page.)</NOSCRIPT>

      (this produces "[email protected]", just replace "webmaster" with whatever goes before the @ in your address, and "freds-site.com" with whatever goes after the @)


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        you could also post
        email: you at your-domain dot com

        i'm sure some bots have figured this out, but it saves you a few emails.
        "There is more than one way to do it."