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  • Free Servers?

    Hey all, is there any completely free (I'm cheap, i know) CGI, Perl (/asp) servers out there? It's for two scripts only (a guestbook & an e-mail script).

    Thanx for any help in advance
    «ذه Gه££ê®»²؛؛²

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    Yep, there are loads of them out there, some of which don't even have any type of advertising on them - there was one called www.freedom2surf.net - but I think they've stopped offering their free service now - they used to offer free bannerless hosting with Perl/CGI support, MySQL and PHP..

    I used to flit from one free host to the next, but I found quite a good offer of £12 a year for Perl, Python, Tcl, C/C++ CGI support and PHP and MySQL, and SSI too. (It's www.34sp.com if you're interested, and no I don't work in their marketing department ).

    I think www.brinkster.com offer free bannerless ASP and Perl hosting if that's what you're interested in, and you can use DNS-less connections to MSAccess databases if you want a DB system. Actually not too sure that they offer Perl support, but they definitely do free ASP.

    Check out some webdirectories for a list of them, they usually tell you in the site description if they do banners and CGI etc. etc. For example:
    and http://directory.google.com/Top/Comp.../Hosting/Free/ are a two from Google.

    Hope that helps a bit...


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      You might even consider running your OWN server. You don't even need a static IP address for that either (you just have to be willing to leave you computer on for long periods of time while connected to the internet).

      You can download Abyss webserver, which is an easy to manage server with instructions on how to add PERL and PHP support. www.aprelium.com is the website. They also have a forum if you have extra questions. The webserver is about 100 KB, but if you want the PERL support, it'll cost you an extra 6 megs, I think.

      After setting that up, you can register a domain name at www.dyndns.org. Its completely free because you're hosting it from your computer, and all they're doing is mapping a domain name to your IP address. If your IP changes, they have software that sends your IP address to their server so their mapping changes with you.
      (When I said it was completely free, I meant that your domain name would be something like blah.dyndns.com or along those lines )

      Anyway, good luck.
      -Obiwan Jabroni
      May the Schwartz be With You


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        www.l33t.ca offers everything you would ever want. but sometimes there server is slow and goes down. I suggest running your own server or finding a cheap plan somewhere.


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          I now have accounts for 4 different asp servers testing them out. The main one that I found & wanted to try was at http://www.aspfreeserver.com/ but it says no new signups.
          Then I wanted to try the http://www.l33t.ca/ but it says the same.

          Thanx for all the help anyway but I'm still searching...
          «ذه Gه££ê®»²؛؛²