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Anyone use Hypermart for web hosting?

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  • Anyone use Hypermart for web hosting?

    I have my site hosted with Hypermart, and was going to have another site that I'm working on stored there. The problem I seem to be having is using CGI scripts and the send mail.

    I have tried several different scripts that allow me to send email to multiple people, and what is happening is. That some people can get the emails, and others don't.

    When I try the scripts out, I get the emails everytime. So I've asked a few people to test them out, and most of them don't get the emails? From what I heard was, that it most likely because alot of ISP's filter email from Hypermart because of spam issues. Is this true? Is there away around this?

    I have on my site a Newsletter that people can subscribe too, plus a form mail that sends back a auto thank you reply. I really need these to work the person who will own the site tried it out, and he couldn't get the emails either.

    So I'm hoping there is away to make my scripts work with using hypermart, I've been pretty happy with them up until this problem started happening


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    look on google and look for news and hypermart or type in your question as someone in the world will know, as isps state why they do things.

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