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error 404 when accesing to cgi

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  • error 404 when accesing to cgi

    Hile, neighbours and friends...

    Well... Yesterday I downloaded this script. It's a perl program to search filenames in a website.

    The problem is can't make it work. You can access the front-end here, and the form is shown, but when you press the "search" button I get a 404 error.

    1.- I have a semi-dedicated server with 3 domains
    2.- I gave permissions to that domain to run cgi
    3.- The 1st line is: #!/usr/bin/perl (just like other perl programs that work)
    4.- I uploaded the script in ASCII mode
    5.- I chmodded to 755
    6.- In other domains in the same server, the perl scripts work fine.

    Anybody knows what could happen?

    Thnx in advance!

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    the server you are running the script on (or trying to) can't find the URL :


    are you sure that is the correect URL of the script?