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    I am having an issue. I tried the pip install matplotlib in my cmd with the python 3.5. It didnt recognized it. then I tried typing the whole path it still didnt recognize pip. What should I do?

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    There is no reason to use PIP ; I never have. Although it is the "official" package handler for python, the normal DNF works fine for all things python.

    Try in command window: "DNF search matplotlib" ; you will get a list of several items - look see and pick the one you need, it may be called something like: "python3-matplotlib.x86_64".

    Then just do: "sudo dnf install python3-matplotlib.x86_64" and it will download and install.

    In general, you can search for other python things (there are MANY!) by typing: "DNF search python" , or "DNF search * | grep python" , ; or "DNF search python | grep matplotlib" etc. etc.

    BTW, if you are playing with matplotlib I assume you are getting into serious math and graphics; check out a book called "Doing Math With Python" , Amit Saha. Get it from Amazon.
    It is AWESOME - walks you through all that good stuff.

    Cheers and good coding!