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Need some guidance on how to reach my goal

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  • Need some guidance on how to reach my goal

    Hi everybody! Recently picked up programming, decided to go with python and i've been doing some tutorials here and there to pick up the basics (syntax etc) I haven't made it very far yet, i just finished my very first program which calculates my income post-taxes and all my other moneysinks, very useful to me tbh.
    Anyhow, my goal with programming is to become a game hack developer and make a buck or two on the side of my regular job. I'm confused tho, should i just stick with my tutorials (how to code python the hard way & coursera) until the basics and the foundation of the language really sticks?
    Game hacking revolves around a lot of other stuff like assembler, using cheat engine etc, so picking up those along the way seem like a good move. On the program part tho, specifically related to learning python, could you possibly show me a resource that would get me onto my "path" more swiftly? I'm not in a rush, i'd just hate to miss out on great resources, especially if they're really good.
    Thanks for anything helpful. :-)

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    Best advice I can give you on this is to learn the basics first of all. Game hacking in itself is a very broad subject and is not bound to any language in particular. This is somewhat difficult to answer straight because there's a lot of questions such as; is it online or offline games? What modifications are you aiming to implement to said game etc... Game hacking can, in its most basic form, be done in 3 ways off the top of my head. Data manipulation ( modifying the files stored in the install location ), RAM manipulation ( reading and changing values stored in memory ) and finally server manipulation ( manipulating the data that gets transferred to the server from the game ). So as you can see those methods open up hundreds of new questions each opening up hundreds more. First get a solid idea of what you want done and what you need to get it done. As for programming languages each have their pros and cons. Basically most programming languages have the potential to hack games but it really depends on the methods you take. It also really depends what language the game you're trying to hack is made in. Most hacks use memory editing but with the ever more common use of cheat engine and other memory editors most online games have protection against it. Many games also implement security measures like WOW's WatchDog.