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  • Not just new but a total blank

    I have no, zero, none, nadda code experience. Recently I built a .mdb that tracks incoming and outgoing SSR tickets. This is not an IS/IT department but a user support liason. Yes, it is for my 9-5 and I want to look better to the man than my schmoozing co-worker by implementing a macro into our database.
    When we recieve info that a ticket is closed, that information is entered into the database as Closed in the status field. There is also a field for the email address of the requestor. What I would like to happen is:
    When the status of a ticket goes to Closed, the entire "row" fornt turns red and an email is generated to the requestor at the email address in the database giving them the ticket #, the ticket description, the test date and the close date. These are all current fields in the database.
    Can any of you code whizzes help me out with this? I would soooo much appreciate it!!