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IIS 5.1 for XP installation

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  • IIS 5.1 for XP installation

    Okay, I wanted to install iis 5 on my xp (prof) desktop to create websites and test them. Well, I clicked on add compenents and installed IIs 5.1 in my computer. now, I got this directory
    C://inetpub/wwwroot. my question is, where do place all my ASP pages so they will run on my computer without having to put them out on the web? I placed them in "wwroot" folder, but when I click on a ASP page I get a file download prompt. Can someone tell me what i have to tweak so that i can test my ASP pages on my local hard drive?
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    What do you mean you clicked on the page? Did you open the page through a web browser via the http protocol like so?

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