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  • Include Virtual on IIS


    I did not know where to post this, so feel free to tell me to move it.

    How do I implement <!-- #include virtual ="test.html" --> into a HTML page, with Internet Information Services, running on win XP.

    My server is working fine, I just can't seem to get the right settings, or the right code in my page, I am using
    <!-- #include virtual ="jake/test.html" -->

    Do i need to use a script tag?

    My test.html to include, what format does that need to be in, I read somewhere that I did not need to include head tags, is there any special code that needs to be included in this file?

    Does anyone know of any tutorials on this subject, that will break it down and explain it well enough for to understand why I am doing what?

    Thanks in advance


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      Managed to get it working, with

      <?php require_once('../pages/buttons_forpages.html'); ?>


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        its not exactly complicated, you need to run it from a server side script, you chose php but you could have just done something like <!--#include file="../test.html" --> (relative) or <!--#include virtual="/directory/test.html --> (absolute(well, relative to the root dir really)) in asp but make sure the page you are running it from has an asp extention and it is not in the <%asp tags%>
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          I managed to do it, was doing it wrong because i was trying to inlcude in a PHP page.

          The thing i was unsure about was creating a virtual directory within my PC.

          No matter I done it now