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Web host and database blues :(

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  • Web host and database blues :(

    Yesterday I tried to access my site, but the database seemed to be down. When I contacted my host, they said it was because I hadn't renewed my contract.

    So I've lost all my data.

    "Why did you not back up?"

    My plan was that I would back-up the data when I received an e-mail or letter telling me that my contract was nearly up.


    As it happened, said letter did not appear.

    "Bit of a bugger."

    Yep. These are some bits I gleaned from the site and the e-mail they sent me after I had inquired what had happened:

    7. The customer is responsible for all backups. We will not be held responsible for loss of data for any reason.

    11. A paper invoice will be sent via post for your first quarterly payment. Thereafter, all billing is electronic via your Control Panel.

    You should have been sent a letter to say that the change over to our systems for mysql payments.
    Is there anything I can do? I know that my dat is gone, but my friend thinks there might be some legal claims I could make. I'm not too sure myself. Point No. 7 does seem pretty definate.

    Anyway, it's a pain-in-the-arse and I don't know how long my sites are going to be down now.

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    I doubt that legal action would get you anywhere.

    I'm not a layer, but I think that you could only charge them for the downtime you experienced between the date that your site went ofline (whn your contract expired) and when it got back up (after you renewed it). And even then, you would need to argument that you made some measurable loss and that they were responsable for it.

    Any extra downtime you experience because YOU did not back up the data, is not their fault.

    If your data is important, then you should make regular backups.
    If you had a good host, then they would also continuesly backup their systems. And they would at least back up your data for a month or so, after your contract expired, just in case some communication or banctransfer got lost/delayed).

    I would be looking for another, more responsible, host.
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      I'm pretty sure you aren't a layer :P


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        You agreed that you was responsible for the backups when you signed up. It's not your hosts fault you didn't do this so they're not responsible.