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  • Resolved Using SSI for fixed navigation

    I created a site for a friend in need and it is cumbersome, at best, having been hastily thrown together over the weekend. Because the navigation has both sound and image change on mouseover, I don't want it to have to load with every page change. Rather than use iframes to lock in the navigation area, I would like to use SSI. I did manage to accomplish this in the wee hours last night by placing the navigation information, including the Javascript for mouseover, in an .shtml file and, as a test, placing the simple contents of page one into an .shtml file, as well. All is well, except for one thing. I am using a table in the navigation area in order to keep its components from landing all over the place and, when I call for the navigation's .shtml file (navi.shtml) within page one (index.shtml), the two images in page one land below the navigation area and are distorted and compressed. I know it's the table in navigation that is causing this but, if you look at that area, you'll see that everything there is an image, even the "words" but only the images on the far left are active. I want to keep them lined up as they are, hence the table. Is it, indeed, that table that's causing this? Must I use <div> instead? I've just hit a wall. Have you ever just sat up all night, staring blankly at something that is probably so obvious to anyone else and just missed it? I laid awake all night, unable to stop thinking about it and I'm a bleary-eyed coffee-less wreck this morning.

    Please, would someone open the zip I've attached with the two .shmtl files, take a look at the messed up test page, and tell me what to do to sort the distortion and misplacement of the page one images?

    Distorted Page:Test Page One

    How is normally looks (without SSI): Test Page Two

    I would so appreciate any help.

    Thank you.
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    Alright, I tried using CSS to fix the navigation layout, rather than tables, and the result was exactly the same as the first link in my original post. However... after much scowling and cursing and tweaking, I discovered this: in the index.shtml, I cannot attribute any width/height properties to the images that were being compressed. If I do, I get distortion every time, so I have to leave that out. Omitting it results in this, with tables in the navi.shtml or using CSS in the navi.shtml (I'll leave it CSS):

    Test Page TWO

    I'm not sure what I learned, but I must have learned something.