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    I've installed phphome ver2, which comes bundled with apache ver2.0.39, php4.2.2, and mysql ver3.2?, and the mysqladmin tool. All of this is installed on a w2k web server that I host and I'm wondering if this is all I need before I go to step 2?
    I ask because I hear talk of Perl and CGI etc, and I'm wondering if there's anything else I need to add or install onto my server.
    Any help on setting up a server for hosting with these services is greatly appreciated.

    I guess I'm looking to match my setup to a checklist of some sort.
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    you could do a search on google to reveal relevant information or find pages with checklists.

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      Wrong forum for this kind of issue - i'll move you over to the 'Other server side languages/ issues' forum

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        depends what you want to do? for hosting of static & dynamic PHP based webpages for yourself you have all the bits you require, if you want to offer hosting services to others on there ....well ditch W2k & get a linux box

        other useful additions..

        FTP server (search for warFTP)
        mailserver (search for sendmail for win32 or pegasus)
        Decent log anylysis tool (the best ones are usually in PERL)

        you would also like ideally to have a static IP and a decent connection.

        but again it depends exactly what you want to host.

        Note that CGI normally equates to PERL (PHP to a lesser extent) although a CGI script can be written in just about anything
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