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    I am new to all this so go easy, thanks... First G'day all, I am Ray from downunder. I have a problem, I need to have a counter fitted to every link in my download section of my new web site I am building. How do I get a text counter to count the times the link is click. ? I need it to look like {Cessna 152.zip Downloads 3453} I hope you can help me.. Thanks again.

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    sorry to tell you that this cannot be chieved using javascript, your best bet will be PHP to make a counter or anything to record stats
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      also, checking the number of times the link is clicked wouldn't necessarily tell you the number of times the file is downloaded. you'd need a system in place to tell you the number of times the file was requested. most systems for keeping track of site traffic will do this for you, so if you have one of those, you should be all set.
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        Welcome Ray, to do what your asking you would need a couter for your page(s). This will create logs for you to show you who is visiting your pages, when, with what browser, etc., depending on the counter you use. You don't really 'fit' it to all of your links, but you can set-up the counter so your site logs will show you, for example, how many times 'Cessna_152.zip has been accessed.

        Unless you use a web based counter like IndexTools, which is relatively less reliable and provides you with more limited information about your visitors than something server-side, you'll need to set something up 'server-side' for your counter. There are counter scripts available in quite a few different server side languages. Does your host allow you to use PHP or CGI? What does your host allow? Reply back with some details about your host and / or preference of server side languages and someone will help you further. Good luck .
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          Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This can save a lot of time..