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  • Lookin for a counter script

    Cant find a script so it puts the counter on the bottom of your page for how many people visited your site, if someone could fill me in would be great thanks

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    You can't do that client side. Once George gives me my mod gun I can move this thread to the Server Side Developemnt forum where you will find ways to do this. I am sure jkd will move it for you once he sees it.


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      What John said... moving to server side forum.


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        You need to let us know what languages your host supports/languages you are comfortable with or prefer...PHP, Perl/CGI, ASP, dotSucks...er, I mean dotNet.

        And you have to realize that little counter scripts like this are basically useless, they are not representative of true stats (for the most part), and generally people put them up because they think its neat-o. Functional or aesthetic?

        You decid, but either way we still need to know the language you can work with...
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          in addition.....

          Many servers include that with a full breakdown of who, what, where from etc. in the client side access control panel options. Otherwise a search on the general internet for “hit counter” “sight statistics” etc. will turn up at least many dozens of applets and script based options for you to choose from. Also there is a big difference in the types and numbers of hits and the type and numbers of visitors and what each of them really does with your site or within your site. Select your options carefully because basic hit counters will give you an overblown and false impression of the meaningfull traffic accessing your site.
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            take a look at this..it should help you!
            Hot Scripts is the net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal. We are an Internet directory that compiles and distributes Web programming-related resources, geared toward webmasters, developers and programmers looking for enhancing their Web sites and intranets with dynamic development tools.

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              Yeah, most of the free hit counters are pretty useless, I would look one up at HotScripts.com or keep track yourself using a server-side language and perhaps counting unique hits by members or ip address.
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                If you are after accurate statistics you should use the servers log files.

                If you just want a counter for show you can find hundreds of them by searching places like hotscripts.com and resourceindex.com