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  • S3DB - How to Edit SQL?


    I'm a new member here. I've got some experience working with SQL in oracle databases, and in Microsoft Access. Recently a colleague asked me to take a look at a database he'd like to use to see if I could add some functionality to it. At the moment it doesn't take time slots into account, and he can't pull data from it to fill out an appointment letter for clients.

    I agreed, because he said he thought it was written in SQLite, or MySQL, which I can get my head around. The problem I'm having is I don't know how to access the SQL. Or any of the code for that matter.

    The filetype is .s3db, which I understand to be a database type specifically for medical professionals. From what I can find out about it, it's open source so I should be able to access the source code, etc. Unfortunately, the s3db site hasn't been updated since 2015, and the links to download the code are dead.

    Can anybody offer any advice where to go from here?

    Thanks in advance.