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  • SQL Server Enterprise Scalability

    Microsoft's SQL Server documentation indicates that a single database may grow to over 524 petabytes.

    I have a solution whose data requirements may eventually need to grow to a size of many petabytes, and a specific table may need to grow to a size of ten petabytes. I don't specialize in databases and have always understood that RDBMS do not scale horizontally, yet wonder if SQL Server might have been improved to support some kind of transparent horizontal scaling. I want the data to be maintained transparent to the app, at least so that basic select statements that retrieve data from multiple tuples in a single database table (even if partitioned) will work without the need for the application layer to explicitly select the data from multiple servers. Bonus if it can transparently handle joins as well, but not a requirement.

    With typical vertical limitations on the storage size of a server's extended partition at less than 100 terabytes, I'm wondering how I might configure physical server hardware to support my requirements. Migration to 2016 is an option if the newer version includes a novel solution that enables it to meet the requirements.

    A perfect solution would not require investing in super-expensive hardware until the data requirements demand it, something like a Nimble or Pure Storage -type solution which I've always thought would not work for RDBMS even while great for file storage.

    Can anyone please recommend an industry standard way to set this up, or otherwise suggest options that keep things simple while meeting the requirements?