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    I'm trying to set up a newsletter where users input their name and e-mail which is then added to a database. Being new at this, I really have no idea on what im doing when it comes to setting up the database table and how the users will be put into it. I want to also be able to send HTML e-mails out to everyone in the database. I've searched around the net and still have not come up with anything of what I want exactly. Any help with setting up the database and/or php file would be much appreciated!

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    Did you look at www.hotscripts.com ?
    There should be plenty of mailingscript that proces a recordset

    If you're realy new to this, then you might advance the fastest (and get the least frustrated) if you read some tutorials on basic formprocessing and db-interaction. Browse around at hotscripts and you'll find plenty of tutorials and examplecode.
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