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Attempting to start MySQL

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  • Attempting to start MySQL

    Hi there...

    I am trying to learn MySQL (in an attempt to gain skills so I can fnd a job....).

    I recently downloaded and installed MySQL without a problem. Was able to work on it for a while no problems (using the "command prompt" window.

    Today I go to open up MySQL.exe but when I clicked on my shortcut (or the direct link even) the window appears then 2 seconds later disappears. What is wrong? I'd like to continue to work with this but how can I if the window won't even stay UP!

    I am working with Windows XP Home. I at first thought I had to be online but that isn't it.

    Reinstalled it but that didn't work. I did install the ODBC drivers as I may later on work with MySQL and VB.


    Thanks much!