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impossible "select statement" need help please

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  • impossible "select statement" need help please

    I have a table with 3 simple fields all 2 varchar 1 double.


    I have several diffent distributors listed in my table and some of them carry the same manufacturers products so I am trying to find out which skus are available at more than one distributor and where the cost is best. This is simple enought to do in php but on a select line I am lost. Can this be done or is it impossible?

    Anyhelp greatly appreciated, I read all i could on the mysql site but couldnt find anything related to this scenario.

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    sql select using group by and having

    The paragraph below is the select statement which will meet the requirements as stated. In the event that there is a need to list all "best prices", even if only one supplier is listed for that sku, the phrase "having count(*) > 1" being eliminated will accomplish that.

    select distributer, manufacturerssku, min(cost) as cost from cost group by manufacturerssku
    having count(*) > 1 and cost=min(cost)

    This statement uses a couple of sql reserved words which are not "just basic sql". The group by reserved word and the having. also the functions count() and min() were used.
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      Thank you very much I was almost ready to split my table in to two.