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Problems with Restart

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  • Problems with Restart

    I have SQL, PHP, and Apache running on a computer. Every time I restart that computer (after upgrades, etc.), I have to reinstall all the PHP programs that use SQL.

    Am I doing something wrong or does that happen when you restart a server?

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    Yeah, I think you are doing something wrong. What OS are you running?

    if you are using LInux, try to use MySQL with command line.
    #mysql -u root -p
    then enter password
    if you can login, then your php should be able to use that account.

    One more thing, MySQL doesn't just check for user name and password, it also check for the hostname as well, if you login locally with root, it may not work when you go to your friend's computer.

    in you php code, use mysql_connect('localhost' , ' ' , ' ');

    hope this help