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  • totally beginner

    I have just download MySql .. and I don't find any admin program like access or Ms SQl to create database tables queries ect... is there a second pack to download ?

    my second question , where can I find a language pack, I could'nt find it on mysql.com

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    What language are you going to be using with it? If you're using php you can download phpmyadmin http://www.phpmyadmin.net


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      I shall use .nET for development

      I mean the speaked language >>>> mine french

      and the main thing is there a soft from MySQl as easy to use than Access to manage databases ?

      thank you


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        Maybe this?


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          yes of course I have seen the products page...

          then control center ?....

          ok I try ... thank you


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            this control center seems really poor .. is there any other tool to build databases tables procedures views ?

            thank you


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              I've never used any of their products, so I can't really say what's good or bad. You could go through their products page or do a search on google, other than that I can't help as I use php


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                but you are using php to create your database and content ??


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                  Yeah I am, I use phpmyadmin which runs from php. I've heard of a program called mysql-front which some people use, I think raf uses it or used to use it.


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                    ok I look for mysql-front

                    it's a luck you are here :-))


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                      Difficult issue.Well, lots of in and outs.

                      If you are planning on having your sites hosted, then you will mostlikely end up with a host that has phpmyadmin installed for you + that doesn't allow you to use your own chosen webfront. So in that case, get familiar with phpmyadmin.
                      If you run your own server, then use a db-frontend that not go over the webserver (contrary to phpmyadmin which is plain PHP)

                      ... i think MySQL Front is way better then phpmyadmin, which i think is one of the poorest db-frontends i've ever used (except for the stoneage program 'ProEdit' they are using at work). It would only take me about a month or two to write a better looking and easier to use db-frontend so i honestly don't understand why it's so popular and widely used. (if only i had time ...)

                      Anyway, I only use MySQL Front on my developmentmachine, since most hosts supply phpmyadmin and i only do very basic stuff on the live servers (creating and running dumpfiles mainly). I've now seen on the MySQL-Front site (http://www.mysqlfront.de/modules.php...showpage&pid=6) that it is no longer a free product so i probably wount update my current version

                      But Nightfire is also right that you should not only know your DML (--> data manipulation language, like selects, updates, inserts, deletes, ...) but that you should also learn your DDL (--> data definition language, create db's, tables etc) and should be able to do the stuff you need with a querywindow.

                      If you need a graphical client, then run a google or browse through their productspages.
                      Posting guidelines I use to see if I will spend time to answer your question : http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html


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                        yes I have nerver used DDL .. Access is so practicle that you have no needs for it .. even with MS SQL you don't need it
                        you can design your database ....
                        .... I have tried ... but really mySQL remembers to me the horrible DOS time !! :-)) it seems to be a bit a old way

                        thank you anyway for your help


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                          Euh. I think you are confusing two things.

                          What we are saying is : you need to learn the language (SQL) and be able to use it for all db-operations. If you know SQL, the you can easely start working with another db-format, because all db-formats support the same basic SQL-commands (each db-format has different extensions to the general SQL syntax, but you quickly pick up these db-specific extensions). If i'm working with Jet-db's (the microsoft db-format), then i also use embedded Jet-SQL inside my code (ASP in that case).

                          If you don't want to learn sql (or not the DDL part), then you need to use a db-frontend. When you refer to the Jet-db's and say tehy are more 'practical' --> ok, i agree. That is why i have 4 or 5 db-frontends installed on my own machine and why i have written 2 web db-frontends. Because through these fronts i can quickly do some task I frequently need.
                          But you have loads of db-fronts for mySQL. MySQL Front is realy easy to use, and even has (childish) Windows XP-look.
                          Access and MsServer aren't also only db's. They have numerous development-features like creating reports, forms, data acces pages, macro's etc. So they are a development-packages wrapped around a db or db-server. Which is fine until you need to do some designwork or querying from outside your userfriendly environment. For instance create a new table/copy an existing table/clean up a table every 10 minutes/... inside your server side language or inside a cron-job or inside a batchfile,or .... Then you can't use the db-frontend or the nice Windows environment, and you'd better have learned your sql, or at least have a good basic understanding of which sql-commands are used for which tasks so you van look your syntax up in the manual. If you ever build larger applications, then you'll probably need to include an administration-section where you needto be able to do DDL operations ...

                          Compaired to Jet-db's, then mySQL is more of a pure db but there are certainly enough GUI tools to administer and design mySQL db's. And there are numerous query-generators (almost each mySQL front has a window where the created and executed query is shown) that you can use to build the query you need to embedd inside your script or batchfile.

                          In short: if you wan't to do more advanced db-work, and certainly if you wan't to automate certain processes so that they can be done through scripting or inside a batch, then you'll need to learn the SQL syntax, even if you use a db-front to interact with the db-server when you are sitting in front of your machine.
                          Posting guidelines I use to see if I will spend time to answer your question : http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html


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                            thanks a lot raf for the time spent to answer .. yes I have no problem (nearlly not) for SELECT UPDATE INSERT DELETE

                            but I have allways used a designer to create my tables with access and MS SQL 2000

                            .... but I have a bit "over the head" of microsoft :-)) and wanted to see something else

                            If you say that MySql front is easy to use then I shall go in that direction .. and have a longer look to it ...

                            have a nice day ! :-))