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  • NTFS Securities for MySQL Root


    I am fairly new to MySQL, I am learning it as I go. One question I have is, what is the tightest security I can setup for the MySQL directory? Is there much risk in leaving it open with the default "Everyone" having full control? I am not sure I understand why this is the default, but anyway...

    I am running
    Windows 2000 Adavanced Server SP4 (NTFS)
    IIS 5.0

    My application for MySQL is currently just forums (PHPBB2). It uses the MySQL database to store all data. In the future, I want to create dynamic webforms using PHP, and interface to the MySQL database from a webpage. How do I need to setup NTFS to have the tighest security possible on the web, while allowing me to preform these functions? Which directories in the MySQL root need read/write/modify access?

    My current feeling is to remove "Everyone" from the MySQL root on down. Then add administrators with full control, and IUSR_server_name with read/write access. Do I need execute? Is write access even neccisarry? Am I correct in understanding that everything within IIS uses the IUSR_server_name account to access these resources?

    If anyone could help a poor noob out and answer these questions, I would greatly apprieciate it. Perhaps you could even explain why you gave the answers you give.

    Thanks, David
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