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MySQL connection sometimes slow

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  • MySQL connection sometimes slow


    I have been developing an application in Visual Basic that accesses a MySQL database either on the local machine, or a remote machine. Locally, database connections run smoothly. However, when I try to connect to the remote system (another computer on my local network) some databases take longer to connect than others (sometimes 10 - 20 seconds).

    The application usses the myvbql.dll (sorry lost the link, found it through google) wrapper around the libmysql.dll file to perform database actions. The application seems to hang when it tries to actually make the connection to the datatbase. This is only happening on the remote database server, and does not happen on every connection to that server.

    Has anyone seen this happen before? How can I fix this? The remote server is running mysql 4.0.15 on Mandrake Linux.

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    Same problem here...

    If anyone knows of a nice solution - let me know please!