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  • 502 Bad Gatway

    Hello I have searched on many news groups and forums with out the answers I really need. So please help. I have been banging my head on this for a while.

    Trying to connect to MySQL database on a hosting server from my LOCAL computer.

    #1. Set up the database and tables already on the hosting server.

    #2. Opened the 3306 port for MySQL connection.

    #3. Using Dreamweaver to connect. In the connection dialog bot there are 5 areasto fill out inorder to connect.

    a. the connection name: "connLogin"
    b. SQL server: "208.4.--.--" (can not use localhost becuse it is connecting to the remote hosting server)
    c. The username: "director00008"
    d. The password: "****"
    e. Database"avatar00008

    Well I keep getting this error: "HTTP Error Code 502 Bad Gateway"

    I own the hosting server so I really do not have any one I can go to for help.

    What am I doing wrong???

    Any help.

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    It doesn't look like a mySQL error ...

    Do you need to connect through dreamweaver ? Else try it through PHP.
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      This is using PHP.

      Dreamweaver is just the tool used.

      The problem is connecting from a local computer to the hosting computer.

      But can't figure how to fix it.


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        I meant; writing the connectionfiles yourself in PHP (or else check the connectionfiles that DW generated.)

        Compaired to a standard, you only need to replace the "localhost by the IP, and then use your username and pwd of the account that you created on the server. This account should be set up so that it grants the user permission to access the mySQL server from another machine (so you either need to have a fixed IP on the client from where you want to acces the server, or you need to specify a servername, or use a wildcard.

        There is a recent thread about how to create such an account here: http://www.codingforum.net/showthrea...threadid=32968

        But like i said, it doesn't look like a mySQL erromessage (if you don't set up the account right, then you will just get an 'acces denied ...') and your problem is probably not mySQL related. check http://www.checkupdown.com/status/E502.html or google for more info.
        Posting guidelines I use to see if I will spend time to answer your question : http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html


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          Changing permisitions

          I see what you are saying.

          This is a permisisitons issue.

          instead of "localhost" I guess I need to use "[email protected]".

          I looked at the myPHPAdmin and found out the that it is [email protected] So I need to log on the server to change the permisitions.

          I also so the link: http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/GRANT.html

          But hard to follow do to my lack of knoledge of WRITTING the syntax or understanding WHERE to exactly to change this just for this one account.

          If you have have any advice (I am on a win 2k box) I am all ears.

          Thanks for your time