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merging sql databases?

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  • merging sql databases?

    I know mostly nothing about mysql, exept that usernames and passwords are stored in there(i hope at least thats right!)
    On my site, i have multiple things(forum, chat, topsite, etc) These all use different usernames and passwords, being completley seperated from eachother. I was pondering one day, and thinking maybee if i could merge them somehow, so you only have to sign up for one, and then you are a member of them all...know what i mean? Is this possible? And then when ever install a new thing i just give it that database?
    Or....am i just completely wrong, and this is not possible, at all.

    Please let me know!!!!

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    Yes, it's possible. How much work would be involved depends on a lot of details. Based on what I've seen from most internet databases, the chances are it will involve a fair amount of effort to pull it off effectively. But without knowing the specifics, I can only guess.

    Basically, you would need to either merge the user tables and authentication systems, or build an new user database that handles the user/authentication for each individual system. The former is a far tidier solution, but might be harder to implement.
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