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    ADMIN move this post if possible:

    anyone able to help me get my sams requests back up and running please
    i understand that the old package that ran MYSQL and PHP are now depreciated
    but i'm now getting this error
    Oops! Something went wrong...
    The Mysqli extension is required for this adapter but the extension is not loaded
    now i'm using wamp and i'v updated to php8.0.7
    and upated to MSQL8.0.25
    i have also tried uninstalling MYSQL 5.1 and reinstalling MYSQL 8.0
    to work with sam still nothing!
    i can't figure this out i have been trying my hardest to get it back online

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    When installing Linux PHP 8.0? the default configuration does not install the MySqli extension… which is a surprise because it is essential ever since MySQL was dropped.

    With Linux it is necessary to find the relevant php.ini file (there is usually more than one) and remove the leading ; to enable the MySqli extension, save the php.ini file then “systemctl refresh apache2” to enable the extension.

    Try searching for “WAMP install MySqli extension” and I’m sure there will be many solutions.


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      John_Betong i'm using windows with wamp


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        Originally posted by aubrey1989 View Post
        John_Betong i'm using windows with wamp
        Did you try searching for “WAMP install MySqli extension”?


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          John_Betong yea i'v got two folders of wamp one is wamp64/wamp and the other is the original folder wamp64 so i'm making a backup
          of the wamp folder and see where i go from there?