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Concating random value into existing field value

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  • Concating random value into existing field value

    Hi, on my test site i have been using the same email for a bunch of users just to test some pagination so it did not matter if they had the same email.

    Now that i want to test other features i need to fix that, i dont want to update manually and all i want to do is run a query that adds a random number to the front of each current email value so they are all unique.

    I thought i had it with this... (did not know mysql could do this)

    UPDATE `user_data` SET `user_email` = concat(FLOOR(RAND()*(10-5+1)+5)) WHERE `user_email` = "[email protected]" AND `user_id` > 0
    it ran sucessfully but it did not concat, it just replaced the value with a random number.

    where did i mess up in the query that it did not just add the rand number to the value that was there?

    UPDATE: got it.....

    UPDATE `wss_user_data` SET `user_email` = concat(FLOOR(RAND()*(10-5+1)+5), `user_email`) WHERE `user_email` = "[email protected]" AND `user_id` > 0
    probably should have stuck with the first rand equasion, the second one gave me some negative results such as -2 and such.
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