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  • w2k + php + mysql + apache...

    I have php, mysql, and apache installed on my w2k server and they all are working fine. How do I go about the following:
    1. accessing these services from one of my w2k pro or win xp client systems? Do I need to install php and mysql on each of these in order to do what I need to do, or should i just work from the server?

    2. Is this forum setup for both UNIX/Linux & NT related questions?

    3. don't know jack about mysql and the site appears to be catered to a unix environment, are there any other locations to obtain tutorials or docs on setting up and administering this tool strictly from an NT perspective. I have a linux box, I just want to learn it in nt first.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    I can only answer question one :

    PHP and mySQL are server side which means you only need them on the server machine. So you just need to work from the server. The client machines should be able to access your server by typing the IP of the server in their browser. ( Note : if the server is on another port than port 80 for some reason make sure they specify the port in the address : (321 being the port).
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