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installing mysql on remote comp

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  • installing mysql on remote comp

    hi ,

    Currenlyt i am using localhost and wamp to check php/mysql code.

    We have one server in company where all shared files are on there.

    Is there any way to install mysql on that remote server and then use that on client computers as database server

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    Absolutely. In fact this is preferred, in my opinion.

    Do you need help installing it on a server that is "literally remote", i.e. you have no access to it from where you are? Or just the concept in general?


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      i have the access to server using remote connection


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        Ok. Well, if you have the ability to install software on the machine remotely, then by all means go ahead and install MySQL on it. Just remember that when you do, you must enable TCP/IP instead of pipes (on Windows) or a socket (on UNIX/Linux). The standard MySQL TCP port is #3306. Once you've got networking enabled, you have to then consider how to set the users up. What I'd do is leave the 'root' user on localhost (i.e. the remote server's loopback address), and always login to the remote server first, then login to MySQL as the 'root' user on the server itself. Otherwise, be sure to tighten down the 'root' access to a single IP address, maybe your desktop. Then you can create as many users as you require to connect from different nodes on the LAN, either using the IP/MASK type configuration, or specific IP addresses for each user, or just '%' to allow them to connect from any host. The latter is the lazy way; just be sure to lock your LAN down and not allow inside access to the MySQL server machine.

        Check the MySQL manual for installation and user admin info.