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  • php mail with attachments

    I'm new here. I've build a contact form in dreamweaver and have tried to get a coder to help me but no one seems to know how to do this.

    I want the info from the form sent to my email address. If the submitter sends pictures, I want the pictures sent also to my email.
    This I understand is: php mail with attachments.
    I have UNIX with MySQL and cpanel access.
    Does anyone know of any resource I could access to place database on server. Or can anyone help me? I've also applied for captcha id's etc..


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    I'm surprised no one has posted a solution. Is this even possible to do? Is there anyone on the internet that has a solution to doing this?


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      You need to allow the user to upload the images first before you can send them as an attachment. The email can't attach the image from the users computer directly without that image being on the server first. Also how does this even deal with mysql? I guess you could store the path of the uploaded file in the database but thats about it.
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        Originally posted by Novice coder View Post
        Is there anyone on the internet that has a solution to doing this?
        Nope, I just saw the last one walk out the door.
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