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    Well, uh.. I just started this today. I was reading the tutorial on it at webmonkey, but they make it assuming that your computer is being used as a server. Well, I was wondering, after you create the dump file and everything, what do you upload onto the servers to use it?

    I really hope I don't need to make my computer the server to use this...

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    *looks confused* Well, I know the server supports MySQL, they give a tutorial there, but it is slightly hard to understand and such... I guess I will have to try to read it again...

    I didn't bye anything... it is a free downlaod at http://www.mysql.com so... I was just wondering what fuiles I needed to upload. I tried just the .dump file, after I did all the creating and such, and it wouldn't work...

    Oh well, is it possilbe to use .txt files in replacement if MySQL won't work?


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      Whats your server?

      And it is possible to use textfiles to manage data. But it is slower and not very secure.
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        The server is http://www.tripod.lycos.co.uk and they allow MySQL, I checked on it... but I am not sure how to use it on the server.... Again, I might just re-read thier tutorial on it...

        And right now, all I am using txt files for is basically holding src-code data.... aka if a php page loads usign one variable, it loads a text file with the page source that related ot the variable..

        The worst that could happen is they see a page for fanfics in the txt file and not the php page.. *sigh* I am gonna put a protection on the directory so they can't just access the file-list of it...

        Thanks for your help


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          If the server your hosted on says that it supports MySQL then you don't need to worry about fiddly binaries or source code downloaded from www.mysql.com, since it should already be installed. They should tell you on the hoster's site how to connect to your database, and often they'll have a nice little tool to help you administer it, like phpMySQLAdmin or something...

          Check around on the site first, then if you're still confused and can't figure it out you can always try contacting the web host for support...

          I did some poking around the Lycos/Tripod site and sure enough they use phpMySQLAdmin from what I can gather, all you need is to get your details and try finding out where you can login with it... then the rest is easy enough.
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            Oh and by the way, installing MySQL and Apache can be quite easy, I've heard people saying good things about it, I think you can download a bundle from the Apache site with MySQL included for windows, but I'm not sure.


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              or you can get phpdev4 which has php, apache and mySQL
              and mySQL is a bit difficult to install on windows for the average user(it took me 3 days )
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                To create or edit a database, the best bet is to download PHPMyAdmin. TO create stuff offline you'll need to install the various packages. Or you could download phpdev which does it all for you

                I know which option i'd choose

                Have fun,

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                  Originally posted by whackaxe
                  mySQL is a bit difficult to install on windows for the average user(it took me 3 days )

                  3 Days?! Jeez... It took me about twenty-five minutes to get MySQL, MyODBC, and phpMyAdmin running.


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                    not 3 whole days, about 3hours actually when i was dealing with it. i was getting error messages saying my password was incorrect when i had set it. i think that what i had done was set the password for [email protected]% and not [email protected] which are differnet i suppose. in the end i used mysql GUI to sort all that out and everything was peachy!
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                      Originally posted by whackaxe
                      i was getting error messages saying my password was incorrect
                      I had a similar problem too.


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                        Jeewhiz mentioned phpadmin... I am working with a server where I can only see files thru ftp. I have no command line access, and therefore cannot use the command line to create a database. I am also limited to 50mb of storage. Judging from the info on phpadmin, there appears to be tens of thousands of files in that package - alll of which I would have to move vai ftp. I would love to have the tool, but it may not be practical. All I need to do is get the few commands done needed to create a database. Are there any scripts or more modest programs available to do this? Can it be done by a progrmm at all (I guess the answer has to be yes, since phpadmin can do it).
                        I have hunted around, but have not turned up much other than descriptions of the command line way of doing it.