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Finding the Duplicate Element in Java

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  • Finding the Duplicate Element in Java


    I'm currently preparing for Java interviews, and I stumbled upon this intriguing coding problem related to finding a duplicate element in an array. The problem can be found here for Java Interview Questions and Answers.

    Here's a brief description of the problem:

    Problem Statement:
    Given an array of integers containing 'n' elements, where each element is in the range from 1 to n-1 (inclusive), find the duplicate element in the array. There is guaranteed to be exactly one duplicate element.


    Input: [3, 4, 1, 4, 2]
    Output: 4
    I'm looking to solve this problem using Java and its various features effectively. I believe that discussing the solution and approaches here would be incredibly beneficial not only for me but also for other Java enthusiasts preparing for interviews.

    If anyone has already solved this problem or has any insights on how to approach it efficiently, please share your solution or ideas. Code snippets or pseudocode would be highly appreciated.