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    So if there is a java update will your programs maybe not work??

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    Originally posted by coderguy112233 View Post
    So if there is a java update will your programs maybe not work??
    That would depend on you're code.
    Generally code is listed as deprecated before its removed. So if you're coding an application thats in version 1.5.2 for example that makes use of a deprecated object / method, it is possible that in version 1.5.3 it will disappear - though I think sun tends to remove these on more major versions => 1.6 for example would probably see some old deprecated methods actually disappear perhaps from v 1.5, though more likely the older ones.

    If an object or method is ever listed as deprecated in you're current version, don't use it. Simple as that. Each version of java should have documentation on the removed objects and methods, so you can determine if you'll need to change you're code to work in the newer versions.
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