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  • Java for computer and mobile

    I was wondering a couple of things

    1. Is there any special language that i need to know to make java mobile

    2. If I know java how would I make the application compatible for mobile devices

    3. What do i need to make the application in to make it mobile (an applet or an application)

    4. Is all I need to know is java and somehow make it readable for phones or am I going to need to get to know some other language. Kinda like number 1 just making sure you got what I was asking
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    1. Yes. Java ME (Micro Edition)
    2. I've only written one Mobile Device application so my experience is limited. A Midlet is structured differently than a Java application but otherwise it's still Java.
    3. You need the Java ME SDK.
    4. Again, I've made only one Mobile application. Using some tutorials to help me get setup and the code structured properly in the Midlet was where I needed most of the help. Knowing Java will be helpful.

    Java ME website: http://java.sun.com/javame/index.jsp
    Java ME SDK Download: http://java.sun.com/javame/downloads/index.jsp