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full screen exclusive mode and swing:awt

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  • full screen exclusive mode and swing:awt

    Simple question but I need the answer before i start to bang my head against my computer wondering why i cant finish my game.

    My problem is that I want to make a game(of course games are large so I need to clear many issues, so I'm clearing them one by one).

    My problem is that I never saw games that use awt/swing components, and if they do, they are modified in ways i cannot imagine.

    How can I make a game that uses full screen exclusive mode/normal mode to display game dynamically.

    By dynamically I mean:

    I open game and I see a logon screen(which isn't drawn in a way that I can just draw another frame on top of it to indicate that the logon process is started).
    After the game is open, I enter the username, password and click ok and an indicator transparent messagebox comes up and says to wait a moment(overlapping components are never transparent in awt/swing by default).
    After I am logged on,the whole screen is flushed and an interface and the game itself appears visible.

    In other words:
    how can i use the effects above when swing/awt does not support them by default?

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    it's been over a week. I'm sorry for the bump but I really really need to know this.

    I apologize for asking so many questions but a 16 year old needs to have a clear picture in his head before he can actually begin working on anything. And it's a big disappointment when I begin working on a simple project but build an insufficient structure so I will need to re-create the fundament, which can lead to weeks of worthless(although educationally meaningful) labour.

    I sencerely hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

    I know everyone here is a professional and prefers to be paid but I got no ways of doing so, like I said, i'm 16.

    Thanks ahead of time, you cannot imagine how I value the responses of people who take the time to respond in a meaningful way.