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  • calendar, recurring events

    Hi all,
    I'm working on a calendar, and was wondering what the best way to add/implement recurring events would be. I have the calendar very well complete, but I would really like to enable recurring events. If anyone has any samples or ideas on how I could use this, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks much!

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    No Ideas from anyone?


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      Well... couple of thoughts:

      1. It's a pretty vague question. Generally, posts in here tend to accompany specific code examples, and to be along the lines of "why isn't the d*mn thing working?". A post that asks for lengthy analysis will usually get far fewer replies.

      2. Calendar applications are... not uncommon. Chances are, whatever you're trying to do already exists. People will be generally unwilling to reinvent the wheel. And if your application is nearly complete, any solution posted is unlikely to fit with your existing code.


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        My suggestion would be to log the day number (1-31), the week day number (0-6) and the month number. You should then be able to respond to most types of recurrance rules set by the user. But then you have the issue of "every third friday" or on the 15th of every other month...

        Depends how much support you want to build in I suppose. Could get quite complex - more complex than code thou, they're all relatively easy problems to solve, the question is what is the best way to solve it...wish i had that answer.

        I've never implimented this myself, these are just my immediate thoughts.
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          thanks for the ideas. it has sparked a few more in my head so once my school work load calms down a little, i hope to work on it.

          i'll let you know what happens.