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ASP/SQL and iframes...help :(

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  • ASP/SQL and iframes...help :(


    I need a little help please.

    I have an 2 ASP pages named:

    - page_edit.asp
    - keywords_add.asp

    Page_edit.asp is the main page and Keywords_add.asp is in an iframe on the page_edit.asp page.

    At the moment i have 2 update buttons(these are form submit buttons) one to control the content that is updated on the page_edit.asp page and the other for the keywords_add.asp page in the iframe.

    What i would like to do is when the update button is clicked on page_edit.asp that it will also update the keywords_add.asp page in the iframe.

    When the keywords section is updated the data is stored in a MSSQL database and when the page_edit.asp is updated that is stored in a Access database.

    Is there away to update both pages when one button is clicked?

    Many thanks


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    Sorry but as far as I'm concerned there isn
    t way to do that!

    Regards, Lallo!

    P.S. If you find a way please let me know!!!


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      I have PM'ed you! There is the answer!!!!

      Regards, Lallo!


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        Originally posted by Lallo
        I have PM'ed you! There is the answer!!!!

        Regards, Lallo!
        You can probably use Javascript to reload the keywords frame onsubmit of the page_edit form. Or something like that.

        Lallo - please don't post solutions via PM. It doesn't help the next person who searches the forum with a similar question.


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          OK here it is:

          when clicking on button in the iframe you should have a javascript with the following code:

          parent.window.location.replace("here is the name of the page to be refreshed")

          this was for refresign the page that contains the iframe and for refreshing the iframe insert the following:


          That's all!!!!
          Enjoy the script!!!!!