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ASP Page Won't Open Please Help

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  • ASP Page Won't Open Please Help

    I don't know ASP, and recently started to learn ASP, but to makeing database driven website I use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

    I am trying to make database driven webpage,I use frames,
    links on my menu( left Frame) works fine and load the page on the main frame.

    I have made a master and detail page to run a database on site,
    now to see the result, when click the link to open the page ( Master Page), a download table pops up instead.

    to mention if I open the Master page by itself( not using links) it will open up.
    what kind of problem is this?
    I have checked the links, all OK,and worked before it was any database recordset on it.

    Please Help me out,
    appreciate your help in advance.

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    Install OWS or IIS first!

    It obvious that you don't know ASP much. The solution to your problem can be found by installing Personal WebServer (PWS) or Internet Information Server (IIS). After installing one of those two, you should be able to link to the pages like this:


    instead of this:

    file://C://My documents/page.asp

    That way the ASP gets parsed before it's shown in the browser, so it will generate the source code, instead of showing a po-up to download the page. Which OS is installed?
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