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  • checking image dimensions

    i am using asp, not asp.net and i was wondering if it is possible to check image dimensions (height and width) in asp (not asp.net, although i may have to just get the asp page to run an asp.net page in the end anyway)

    if it is possible, how is it done?
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    It's very possible indeed! With all the standard image formats you only need to read the image header (and interpret the data correctly). However you probably won't want to attempt this yourself (if you *do*, then this is the kind of info you need), so I suggest that you grab a script from the usual places (HotScripts, etc.)... there's plenty around, I'm sure.

    EDIT: I meant to say that I've written such a script myself (handling GIF/JPG/PNG/BMP) but it's not possible to post it here because it's dependent on various bits of the rest of my (large) code library, so it would take quite a bit of work to turn into something standalone.

    EDIT2: A quick Google turned up a quite a few scripts of varying degrees of sophistication and efficiency so have a look and see what takes your fancy!
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      You may want to check this out:

      Determining Image Properties through ASP by Mike Shaffer - 5/3/2000
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