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wildcard character in retrieving fields from the form 'server side'

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  • wildcard character in retrieving fields from the form 'server side'

    Hi everybody, I have a form with a bunch of fields submitted to the server, the first characters in the field names are the same for all of them, followed by an incremental number, then "any characters" ej..

    sunbox15_1_b151, sunbox15_1_b152, sunbox15_1_b153...and so on...my idea is to retrieve them using something like

    for i=1 to request.form("sunbox15_1_" & somewildcharacter).count
    Response.Write(Request.Form("sunbox15_1_" & suffix)(i) & "<br>")

    any ideas......???

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    This has nothing to do with DOM Scripting. Please post in an appropriate forum next time. I'll move this to the ASP section.


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      You must know beforehand the range of the suffix. Since it looks like the field names are dynamically generated, also put hidden fields that will contain the range of the suffix -- from and to.
      fromSuffix = Request.form("fromSuffix")
      toSuffix = Request.form("toSuffix")
      if not isnumeric(fromSuffix) or not isnumeric(toSuffix)
        response.write "Range Error"
      end if
      fromSuffix = cint(fromSuffix)
      toSuffix = cint(toSuffix)
      for i=fromSuffix to toSuffix
        Response.Write(Request.Form("sunbox15_1_" & i & "<br>"))
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        From your example code, I can't see why you don't just get a string and then split it into an array using the comma (",") as a delimiter?

        If you want to retrieve checkbox values that don't exist, you'd basically do the same thing, but just define them all before you request them... then use a related array (like checkboxname_(i))...

        If indeed you're using checkboxes, only checked checkboxes are posted via HTTP.
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          Thanks I did that

          Thanks, What I did was to loop to get all the Items from the form then just used the Left(Item,3) to get the specific fields I'm using... similar to your suggestion