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storing a lot of text in a database

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  • storing a lot of text in a database

    I have a large amount of text that I need to store in a database so I can edit it online. Each cell can hold up to 250 characters, right? The text that I need to edit is much bigger then 250 characters. How would I go about splitting the text every 250 characters and then storing it into a database and then printing it so it looks fluid?


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    No. You just need to set a different column-type.

    What db-format are you using? (Or check you helpfunction or documentation for column types and choose the most appropriate --> the smallest that can hold the biggest to be expected value)
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      Yes at least in Access there is something called a Memo field type which can hold MUCH more than the typical 255 characters.
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        I agree with the question raf asked... what database are you using?
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