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Form to mail troubles

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  • Form to mail troubles

    I created a simple form to mail script using CDONTS server object.
    The script would work instantly and the email with the correct infor in it would arrive. However, the email would never be recieved by other email addresses. I thought it could be a forwarding issue, it wasnt that. I tried multiple emails; some would recieve the email others wouldnt.

    Could anyone tell me what sort of things could cause this or what Im doing wrong.

    This code is basically what it involves:

    Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

    email="[email protected], etc..."
    objCDO.To = email
    objCDO.From = "whatever"
    objCDO.cc = "whatever"
    objCDO.bcc = "whatever"

    txtMessage = "whatever"

    objCDO.Subject = "whatever
    objCDO.Body = txtMessage
    Set objCDO = Nothing


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    I don't like CDONTS I use ASP mail. ASP mail IMO is easier to use. I know that does nothing for your question but maybe it's another option.
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      Did you try using a valid "from" address?
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