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Basic ASP + ADSI with LDAP help?

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  • Basic ASP + ADSI with LDAP help?

    Hey guys, I've setup a virtual machine of Server 2003 to try to implement some ASP using ADSI to control Active Directory objects.

    Anyways, lets say I want to create a basic ASP page that will provide functionality to Add, Update, Delete and Query an Active Directory OU using the LDAP provider.

    Also, what does it mean for the information to add/update to be provided "dynamically"? And that same question applies to the other functions as well: what does it mean to say the OU to be deleted must be provided dynamically by the user, or that querying the OUs should be filtered by "Name" and dynamically by the user?

    I read something about virtual directories disallowing anonymous access, but that you can validate the the current user using something like Request.ServerVariables("Logon_User")...if that's true, how would it be used?

    Thanks for any help...