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open asp file in asp.net

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  • open asp file in asp.net

    is it possible for me to call asp files from my web that created in asp.net??
    because some of the menus/application created in asp

    really need your help guys,

    thanks before

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    Not easily.

    ASP and ASP.NET can *NOT* share session variables, for example. So you can NOT pass information back and forth via session variables.

    The best you could do would be to put the information into a database and then use a QUERYSTRING to pass the id/key of the information to the ASP.NET page, which would then go to the database to retrieve the information. If you encrypted the id/key with a password you do NOT make public, the would be reasonably secure.

    It's tedious, but it can work. But you really should consider re-writing the ASP pages in ASP.NET.
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      thank you old pendant for your info,
      but actually the one that i want to do is just simple load the asp file in asp.net is it possible??

      for example response.redirect("namefile.asp")

      i havent get any solution for this T^T


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        Sure, you can always Response.Redirect to ANY kind of page. Even to another site. To HTML pages, to JSP pages, to PHP pages. Response.Redirect is *NOT* a feature of ASP/ASP.NET. Response.Redirect is done BY THE BROWSER and is part of the HTTP protocol.
        Be yourself. No one else is as qualified.