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  • ASP Calculator question


    I am looking for a simple script which would work behind an online form which allows a user to calculate how much job A will cost over, say 3 days, permitting the same job to be quoted over a longer period of time.

    This is for a proofreading site so the idea is something like the following:

    500 proofread words @ with a turnaround of 3 days = £2
    500 proofread words @ with a turnaround of 5 days = £1.50.

    These are not exact, it's just to give a general idea; I can refine the calculations later.

    Any ideas on how to do this please?



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    You need to define / clarify the business logic that the calculator will encapsulate. What is the actual pricing structure? How would you work it out offline?


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      Hello Spudhead

      The pricing structure would be very simple (but might become more complex over time).

      It would calculate 500 words @ £1.00 for work turned around within 1-2 days; £0.75 for work turned around within 3-4 days; and £0.65 for work turned around within 7 days.

      When submitting work (usually MS Word documents) to be proofread through the online form the user, having used the calculator online, would then have an idea as to what the cost is likely to be, so it would not be too important
      that the online calculator would work offline.

      You can see an idea of it here:


      The calculator at that site is more complex than the one I envisage. If custom from Europe and the United States grew, maybe the euro and dollar could be added at a later stage. There would also be no discrimination between proofreading academic essays and proofreading, say, business
      reports. As I say, it is a fairly simply pricing structure.

      I tend, also, to think that the calculator would need to be adjacent to the online form through which the MS documents were submitted, rather than having to browse to yet another page.

      Many thanks, Spudhead for your thought-provoking questions!



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        Didn't you ask about this same question in the JavaScript forum???

        I'd think that doing it in JS code would make more sense; instant feedback without a roundtrip to the server.

        Hmmmm...no, wan't you. Unless you asked it in a different forum, perhaps? Seems coincidental to see essentially the same question twice within a few days. Do you have a website, already?
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          Hello Old Pedant

          Thanks for your reply.

          OK, I'll look for something in JavaScript that might do it unless you have already replied to a similar question elsewhere?

          No, it wasn't me who posted in the JS forum.

          I am working on the Website at the moment - graphics, etc - but I have not uploaded it yet.




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            If you get a <FORM> up with all the requisite fields (e.g., radio buttons or <SELECT> for days turnaround, input field for number of words, etc.) and show it then I think we could easily help with creating the JS to do the calculations. They aren't complex, at all, as you have given them so far.
            Be yourself. No one else is as qualified.