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The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /test2.asp.

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  • The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /test2.asp.

    Hey, Please help me, I get this error after I use a form post:
    The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /test2.asp.
    Why do I get it? I saw on some websites that the solution for it is to take off your index.html from the root, Well, I've tried taking it off and it didn't help...
    Or maybe I didn't really understood what it means.

    Thanks for the helpers.

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    Hey, This problem is really bothering me... Can anyone please help me or redirect me to someone or some page that can help me out?



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      Have you specified a method in your form tag?
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          Does the server allow the POST method?
          Does the server support ASP?


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            Yes it does.


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              Go into IIS.
              Right-click the virtual dir for your site.
              Select "Properties"
              Under the "Virtual Directory" tab, click "Configuration"

              Is "POST" listed as a verb for .asp files?


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                It's not in my IIS, It's on a server (Paid server).


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                  Ok, enough playing twenty questions. Show us. Post a URL.

                  Who's the hosting company? What do they say? What do you mean, you haven't asked them yet?

                  Does this work elsewhere? Can you show us another example on that server where an ASP page does take a POST request?

                  Have you tried restarting it?


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                    Ok .
                    So lets start with the URL: http://ted.co.il/test.asp.
                    The hosting company is Webgate: www.Webgate.co.il
                    I've talked to them and they said it's a problem with the code.
                    The code works in my IIS and should work on every server, because it's a simple form code.

                    Restarting what?

                    Thanks for your reply


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                      Restarting the server

                      Ok - I'm stuck. I have no idea, sorry I've never seen that error message before. I can't find much about it.

                      Do you have any other code working, on that server, that POSTs form data successfully? Can you post the code for test2.asp? Mind, I can't see that it'd be the cause. This is what happens when you buy webspace off bloody Russians mate

                      It's got to be the server. Is it a proper IIS Windows box or some Apache server that they've stuck ASP on? It's not the code. It can't be the code. I mean, you could try adding a "name" and "id" attribute to your form tag, and not calling one of your form elements "name" - but they're minor changes. I can't see them solving this.

                      It's returning a HTTP 405 error. It HAS to be the server. I'd try showing them your code and ask them to point out exactly what's wrong with it.

                      Actually - they're old comments but I'm reading that forms without a NAME attribute can cause this. Try putting one in and see what happens.


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                        Wow. Thanks alot for your help! I'll try what you said with the "name" and I'll post the reply as soon as I try it



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                          What is the code for test2.asp?