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  • SQL Database Question

    Hey, I have a SQL database question.
    How can I make a query with it?
    I mean, If the ID field on a table is filled in, It would do the same for the ID on the other table.

    Thanks for the helpers.

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    Look up repeat regions
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      Hi, Thanks for the reply... I don't think that's what I need...
      I just want to know how to make the query... right click then press query, or something like that.
      I'm using SQL Server Management Studio Express.

      Thanks for the help!


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        Am still not sure what you mean.
        I use this tool, which is a whole lot better than Management Studio Express

        PS: there is a button "New Query" on top menu in Studio Express, click that while a desired table is highlighted.
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          Oh, Nice! This software is much much better!
          Thanks alot!
          But after I make my query, how can I apply the changes?


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            Just poke around or read help. There is a button, I think it says "Post edit" when you roll over it, looks like a green checkmark.

            Check your PM by the way.
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