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Context.Items.Add & server.transfer question.

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  • Context.Items.Add & server.transfer question.

    Hello all:

    I was doing some testing and have a few problem, which leads to a simple question (hopefully).

    I have a memberapp.aspx page, which is a general application, when the users fills the form out, they click a Next button to go to another page. The second page is called, orientation_agreement, they fill out another simple form and can choose to either go Back or Submit the form.

    Now, I am using:

    Context.Items.Add("fname", member_first_name.Text)

    on the first page to collect the values of the first form to the second page and have them as so:

    Dim strFirstName As String
    Dim strFirstName = context.Items("fname")
    textboxexamplename.text = strFirstName

    on the second page.

    Then, when the users click submit I want to collect the values of the form from the first page + second page and insert them into my sql statement and MailMessage object, but when i test right now, the values from the first page are empty.

    When I write out the values to a label or textbox on the second page the values are present?

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you!

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    Check out this thread, as I believe it discusses a solution to a similar problem.
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