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CentOS Linux 7 EOL (End Of Life) is approaching

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  • CentOS Linux 7 EOL (End Of Life) is approaching

    Looks like while i was MIA from the scene CentOS decided to end its project and focus on other ventures 😪. CentOS Linux will reach its EOL next June 2024. It does appear that RHEL is a strong candidate to replace CentOS for many people but what about Ubuntu or some other project. For those of us so comfortable and relaxed with CentOS i wonder what the real replacement is going to be. I myself have never used anything else and i just hope that Red Hat and Linux have come up with an answer for us. What will the majority of hosting companies move towards, or have already since i am late to the party here?

    Red Hat did address this issue here https://www.redhat.com/en/topics/linux/centos-linux-eol
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    I am not crazy, my computer had me checked but its on dialup and im still waiting for results :)
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