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  • Apache home web server help

    So I was set to setup a home webserver today and followed a couple of guides but I am having troubles. I will walk you guys through what I did and maybe someone can guide me.

    First I used this guide


    It was pretty easy and straight forward. When I try the last step with going to whats myipaddress I get a IP address and punch it in and it takes me to my router settings. Now this only works for computers that are connected through my router.

    So I followed this guide


    I have a belkin router which auto configured my port forwarding

    1 enable (checked) Decription (web server) inbound port (80) type (tcp) private ip address (xxx.xxx.x.xx) Private port (80)

    after I saved the above settings I typed in the private ip address on the host computer and it loaded up the index page no problem! So I jumped on another computer and tyed in http://xxx.xxx.x.xx and got the iternet explorer cannot display the webpage error.

    Apache is runing and typing in http://localhost/ brings up my dummy html page. typing it the private ip address takes me to the same dummy html page. So it seems to me Apache is doing it's job but something must be set wrong

    I am runing XP
    Apache 2.2

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    Would it be possible to post your router's port forwarding and/or firewall settings? I would try to re-adjust your port forwarding settings for port 80. On occasion, I've encountered a few internet providers (cable companies) that actually block inbound traffic on port 80. Also be sure to checkout http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.1/bind.html for a quick introduction on how Apache listens on specific addresses and ports.